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About the Center for Women’s Studies

Over the years, her Royal Highness has always demonstrated unwavering commitment to women’s core issues. She is committed to improving the status of women and enhancing their role in national development, to increasing and encouraging the participation of women in the economy, in politics, and in decision-making, and to strengthening women’s legal status. Her historic launching of the Center will generate ideas, engender a special synergy, and galvanize action that will benefit women in the present time and for years to come, both here in Jordan and in the Arab world. The networking, the new alliances and shared ideas will be priceless in augmenting women’s status and in the empowering of women in the 21st Century.

Women’s Studies is an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary field of teaching and research that seeks to understand the social construction of gender and the historical and contemporary mechanisms that either promote or limit women’s development as full participants in society. It seeks to challenge the conventional male-generated constructions of knowledge and to evaluate women’s contributions to the intellectual, social, political, economic, spiritual, and artistic achievements that make up human culture. It, furthermore, encourages individuals and societies to acquire a global perspective in promoting the equitable treatment of all members of human society.

The Center for Women’s Studies was founded to assume the role of the intellectual and community focus for women’s studies and women’s issues. The goal of the Center strives to take full account of the perspectives, needs, and interests of women in (every) all dimension s of its concerns (activities), and to serve as a community resource for women’s issues , with the view of prepar ing women for rewarding lives -- as leaders in a variety of professions both in Jordan and in other Arab societies. Providing a women-centered, interdisciplinary approach to the changing nature of both women’s experiences and gender relations, the Center aspires to promote awareness of women’s issues through its MA program and its curriculum. This, in turn, would empower women and community members to become strong advocates for gender equity and social justice, and to embrace the responsibilities of leadership in the advancement and celebration of Arab women. Additionally, it tries to facilitate teaching, research, publishing, consultancy, and awareness for women’s studies, feminism, and gender-related issues in Jordan and in the Middle East.