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The Center for Women's Studies would like to take this opportunity to welcome you. Upon Her Royal Highness Princess Basma's will, our institute was founded in 1998 as an academic program within the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Program grew to become a Department, and in 2006, the Department became an independent Center within the University of Jordan that has its own vision, mission, and objectives.

The Center is located in the building of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the University of Jordan. It is one of the pioneer institutions in the Middle East that offer an M.A degree in Women's Studies. The merit of our program is that the courses being taught are interdisciplinary, relating to all fields of knowledge. This would broaden our target group of students and researchers. Therefore, we are always open for students from different fields and specializations from all over the world. Moreover, among the Center's main priorities are to conduct, direct, and support research and researchers working on issues related to women and women's case. Hence, the Center continuously arranges for activities and events related to women's issues. Building bridges and networking with both national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutes is a core objective which helps us enhance our vision and enrich our mission.

Director of the Center for Women's Studies

Dr. Mahasen Al-Jaghoub